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A Letter to Santa
Dear Santa.
I am a young developer that believes in miracles from Russia. One year ago I found my self as Java developer, and start my way from one of the famous free IDEs. It was ok, but later I founded a lot of problems that I can't solve. =(
I have a dream. A dream where I finished my own project, very big project, and coding brings me only pleasure. I tried to realize the dream, but it was so hard... Always it was so hard. Sometimes becouse I didn't have some knowledges, but sometimes, because IDE taked me some interesting errors, and it took hours and hours to find a solution.
But than, one of my friend said me. Try the Intellij IDEA. And tried. I tried 12 version of it, ultimate version... I tried it some days ago, AND IT WAS THE BEST DAYS of my development life. It is so easy to create maven projects, and build it. It have the best intellisense in JSF layouts. I can see all beans attribuitse without any additional configurations, plugins. And what about play framework support... It's really cool. I have understood new technolodgies for me faster with it. But now I have just 5 days... And it is really hard to know that test period will finish.
I’ve been very, very good this year. Dear Santa, please, present me Intellij IDEA license under my christmas tree.

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